Logbook Servicing

Anyone who knows will tell you, if you don’t have your vehicle regularly serviced, in the long term the running costs of your vehicle costs you more, in not only wear and tear, you also save money on fuel, tyres and brakes.

You’ll be glad to know you don’t have to service your new car at the dealer’s service centre. If you’ve purchased a new car, it’s important to safeguard your warranty and take your car to a reputable service centre and still maintain your warranty.

We provide all logbook servicing for petrol, LPG, diesel, and electric/hybrid vehicles.

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Pre-Purchase Inspections

Croft Automotive and LPG conduct a pre-purchase inspection tests and we can advise you on what you require. Our inspections can help you make the right decision before you purchase a vehicle or if you are looking to buy. Our inspections can also help you know about the condition of your current car.

If you are about to buy or sell a car and you would like a pre-purchase inspection, just give us a call and book your vehicle in for an inspection.


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LPG Repairs & Installations

A roadworthy is needed if you sell a car, re-register, or if you receive a defect notice you will need a roadworthy certificate.

Croft Automotive and LPG conduct a roadworthy test and we can advise you on what you require. A roadworthy certificate can only be issued when the car passes all standard requirements.

If you are about to buy or sell a car you will need to obtain a road worthy certificate. Call us today and book your car in for a pre-purchase inspection or road worthy certificate.


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Air Conditioning

It’s a fact of life, not only does your air-conditioning keep you cool in summer, your air-conditioning also provides safer driving by removing humidity inside your cars windscreen and other windows on cold winter days.

If you don’t service your air-conditioning on a regular basis, the air-conditioning unit will fall into disrepair and will be sorely missed in the summer months when you really need it. Moreover, air-conditioning left unchecked, can cost you more money in the longer term in servicing and repairs.

Croft Automotive and LPG can repair and replace air conditioning units, hosing, damaged belts and other air conditioning related parts.

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Auto Electrical/Diagnostics

As you already know, today’s modern vehicles are totally reliant on highly developed electrical systems that ensure your vehicle is operating efficiently and safely.

Croft Automotive and LPG can diagnose auto-electrical issues or faults with our latest diagnostic technology and provide repairs on components, such as starter motors and alternators.

In fact, regardless of the type of vehicle you’re driving we cover all makes and models, including 4WD’s with component replacement, audio installations and lighting upgrades.

If your vehicle has an electrical problem, contact Croft Automotive and LPG and book your service today.

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Cooling System

Croft Automotive and LPG are cooling system specialists and will assess the condition of your vehicle’s cooling system and identify any faults or damage. In some cases, you may need new parts such as water pumps, hoses or pressure caps may need replacing.

In addition, we can service your vehicle’s cooling system, from repairing or replacing radiators, heater units and coolant flushes. We also test your vehicle’s thermostat and head gaskets, for any damage and will let you know if we need to replace any components.

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Clutches and Transmissions

Just like any kind of precision machinery your transmission and clutch need regular servicing to avoid any larger expenses of a poorly maintained transmission or clutch. Without regular servicing minor faults can become costly repairs.

If you own a new car, a dealer will recommend you only have your car serviced by the dealer’s service department. The good news is, you also have the option of taking your vehicle to any reputable auto repairer.

Some warning signs of your transmission or clutch needing attention is burning smells coming from the engine. If you notice a burning smell coming from your engine, you need to have it checked immediately.

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Steering and Suspension

Poor vehicle handling, and driver/passenger comfort issues, originate from faults in your vehicle’s suspension and steering and contribute to driver fatigue.

To improve driver safety and avoid driver fatigue, regular maintenance of the power steering, suspension, springs and shock absorbers is necessary to provide the control the vehicle was initially designed for.

Croft Automotive and LPG, also conduct wheel alignments, to reduce tyre wear and increase driver safety and control on the road.

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Exhaust Repairs/Replacement

Croft Automotive and LPG provide a wide range of exhaust replacement and repair of exhaust components. We can repair, as well as replace, your exhaust system as required.

More importantly, many exhaust parts like catalytic converters can prove costly if genuine replacement parts are fitted. Croft Automotive and LPG, can replace only the required exhaust section and retain the original pipework.

By replacing a section of exhaust pipe or repairing a muffler we can often keep the cost to a minimum. A leaking or poorly functioning exhaust system can be dangerous so don’t put off an inspection.

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The single most important safety factor of your vehicle is your brakes, but more importantly, poor brake maintenance reduces your stopping power. As a result, poorly maintained brakes, not only puts your own life in danger, but also puts your passenger’s life in danger.

Moreover, leaving your brakes unchecked in the long term, can lead to additional costs due to uneven wear and can even damage your brake discs, resulting in additional disc machining costs.

Croft Automotive and LPG, service and repair brakes for all makes and models, including, replacement of brake pads, drums, discs, rotors and checking brake lines for cracks and leaks. We also machine and restore your existing brakes and components tailored to your vehicle.

Contact the friendly team at Croft Automotive and LPG for a professional brake inspection.

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Tyres / Fitting and Balanced

Every vehicle requires its own unique assessment to find the best tyres that suit your vehicle. When considering vehicle control and driving safety, you need to make sure your tyres are properly fitted and balanced and are suited to the unique driving conditions.

Unsafe tyres affect your cars handling and stopping power and its critically important to get the right advice from a person who understands and is qualified to assist you when choosing new tyres.

As a convenience, we also provide fitting and balancing…Our customers safety is our number one priority and we aim to make sure our customers are getting the right advice to make the right decision on new tyres.

If you need new tyres, contact us for more information!

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